Current Project:

SEA 1.5GW Solar Farm Project

Development Approval Granted on 16th Nov 2018

Sunshine Energy Australia acquired a property of around 5000 acres in between Harlin and Kilcoy at Queensland to build a 1500 Megawatts solar farm with the possibility to roll over to a total of 2GW, depending on the suitability and size of the land around the area.

The preliminary planned in 3 stages of 500+500+500 MW solar farm will connect to 275kV National distribution network in Queensland. The proposed 1500 MW solar farm can generate average around 2259GWh green energy for the grid per year for the next 25 years which enough to supply around 300,000 household in the Queensland area. – based on the average power usage of Australia household per year and an efficiency of solar panels of around 30% in Australia.

The 1500 MW solar farm will take approximately 6-8 months to complete the initial site preparation and further 16-24 months to complete the construction. This will create over 1000 new jobs, both onsite and logistically, of which 30-60 permanent jobs will be created to run and maintain the solar farm and the Koala Solar centre.


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We worked with the Queensland Government to determin the size of our solar farm. We have the capacity to increase our solar farm from 1500MW and roll over to 2000MW within 36 months. This will make our solar farm the biggest in Australia and the worlds biggest single site solar farm.

Fully Automated 500 MW Battery Storage Station

SEA-Power(SEAP) is a patented Lithium battery technology. Our Lithium battery-based power storage & management system can respond within milliseconds to frequency fluctuations by releasing or absorbing power from the electricity grid and the solar farm. As an adaptive, intelligent, and scalable power and energy management platform, SEA-Power reduces dependencies on conventional power generation required for managing grid stability, including frequency regulation, renewable energy smoothing, and power quality management.

Each SEAP consists of 4MW battery storage and our Battery Management System (BMS), fire suppression equipment, thermal management system, switchgear, UPS, and house power. Each module consists of 60 banks of battery blocks housed in individual 40-foot containers. Optionally each container can be used as a 4MW power supply module for emergency occasions by being transported to a different location via truck.

VWAT Generator

We are also working on the low wind power generator VWAT, this generator is a 3-foil vertical turbine which has a low noise and high efficiency in low winds, can operate at 1m/sec. It takes up a small footprint, the generator is a 90V DC (nominal) vertical mount type slow speed multi wound and generates an  average of 1.7kwh, around 15MW annually. A testing module will be built with our 50MW Koala centre as a possible future option, it will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by wind power.

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