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What we do

Sunshine Energy is a renewable energy company committed to changing how our country consumes energy. We do this by providing latest utility scale solar site development services, and thereby, we are playing a part of realizing a clean energy in Australias future. We are driven by our vision to create clean, affordable, accessible, and abundant solar power. Our development approach utilizes leading technology and best in class talent to deliver solar projects that provide optimal long-term value to landowners, communities, utilities, investors, and the environment.

How we do it

At Sunshine Energy, every project begins with a conversation, which is why our team is constantly in the field and on the phone speaking with local landowners who are interested in solar farm development. We know success is dependent on our ability to form value adding relationships with our landowner partners. We do this by serving as a trusted adviser and providing exceptional services and guidance throughout the development process. We attempt to site projects near local utilities existing infrastructure to reduce our transmission costs, and can pass these savings along to consumers in the form of a lower utility bill.

Who we serve

If you are a landowner with 500 or more continuous acres of undeveloped land, generally flat and under 10% slope, free of wetlands and endangered species. We would love to talk with you! If we determine your land is suitable for the development of a ground mounted solar system, our team can work with you to secure site access either through a long-term lease, or in some cases a purchase, or even in partnership on terms that are mutually beneficial to all parties.

To discover if a solar farm is right for you, start by filling out the contact us page. One of our experienced team members will be in touch soon!

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