SunShine Energy Australia


Sunshine Energy Australia Pty Ltd (SEA) are proudly proposing the 1500 MW Photo-voltaic Solar farm to the Queensland Government with a state of the art fully automated 500 MW battery storage station. Estimated total investment USD $2.5 billion dollars. Development Approval Granted on 16th Nov 2018.

Australia is one of the sunniest continents in the world. The National Electricity Market (NEM) and South West Interconnected System (SWIS) incorporate around 47,800 km of transmission lines and cables. The Renewable Energy Target is an Australian Government scheme designed to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the electricity sector and encourage the additional generation of electricity from sustainable and renewable sources.

Renewable energy was identified as an important industry for Australia to give customers the choice of buying green electricity and reduce reliance on scarce fossil fuels.  In addition, the battery storage system will reduce the price volatility as well as smoothing out power supply during high demand periods.

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